Friday, 12 April 2013

Bran Bread

I’ve always thought that it is not possible to make a nice, low carb bread. I’ve never even tried to make one and just avoided eating bread as much as possible. The truth is that sometimes I miss it a lot and it's just convenient to have a quick sandwich for lunch without all the cooking and planning beforehand. This recipe is very simple and you don’t need a bread maker. You just mix everything well and that’s actually all. Perfect recipe for complete beginners and the bread is nice. It looks like a bread and taste like a bread. I’m really surprised it’s possible without using any flour. From now on I’m going to experiment a lot with low carb bread recipes.

Ingredients (make about 15 slices):
3 eggs
8 tbsp. oat bran
16 tbsp. wheat bran
10 tbsp. whey protein powder (natural, no added flavour)
5 tbsp. greek style yogurt
12g dry yeast
5 tbsp. warm water
tsp. salt

  • Line little baking form (19cm long and 8 cm wide) with baking paper.
  • In a large bowl mix all the ingredients.
  • Pour the mixture into the baking form and cover with tea towel.Leave in a warm place for about 40 minutes to rise.
  • Bake for 10 minutes at 200C and then for 15 minutes at 190C.
  • Let it cool down a bit before slicing. 

Enjoy J 

Carbohydrates and Calories:
Whole bread
1 slice (1/15 of the whole bread)

 Source: Adapted from Moje Wypieki


  1. Just found your blog today as craving for bread was driving me nuts and wanted something from the UK - so many sites are American and it drives me mad trying to convert - ingredients now added to shopping list for tomorrow. Family diabetes has eventually caught up with me but as Type II and now its time to pay for all the years I could eat everything. I use Natvia as a sweetener as cannot chance Xylitol as we have a puppy who thinks if its on the floor its hers. Cannot see why it won't work as well though. Just made your almond and olive oil crackers - at last I can have crackers with toppings, I love them and that is tasting them without anything on. Thank you for all the hard work you have put in to share all your recipes. I have made a few cakes myself (trial and error but tasty no matter what) with Almond flour and sometimes add Coconut flour but cannot wait to try yours. Merry Christmas xxx

  2. Thank you Debbie :) Hope you will like my cake. Natvia should work in most cakes, but I must say xylitol or erythritol is very close to sugar, not only in taste but also the texture. Youre right though, with puppy around I wouldn't use it either.
    Merry Christmas to you too. Hope you will enjoy it, despite sugar ban we need to face :) xxx

  3. Thanks, For your Bran Bread I had to order most things on-line as supermarkets don't sell them and Health Food Shop only sells small packages but they arrived today and I have just had my first slice of your wonderful bread..........its bread, perfect bread. I have always been a bread junkie but tried different recipes I have found but none were REAL Bread, yours is. I swear if you write a cookery book I would buy it and I have only made 3 of your recipes so far.......

    1. Thank you Debbie:) I admit, there are so many recipes online, but most of them don't work. I cant tell you how much ingredients I wasted trying out new recipes! Now I'm a bit more experienced with low carb baking, so can tell straight away if the recipe will work out. That's why there is only one bread on my blog :)

  4. Hi Ewelina, Is there any way I can substitute real whey for the whey protein? I can generate whey by making paneer, indian cheese, but obviously it's gone be liquid. I've just never used whey protein before and feel a bit apprehensive about the additives. What do you suggest? all best

    1. Hi Atima :) I'm not sure about real whey from paneer. I suppose the best way to find out is to try it :)As its in a liquid form maybe omit water and the yogurt. Let me know how it works if you decide to make it this way. Regards Ewelina

  5. Yus, thats what I was thinking too! I'm going to have a go... even if it doesn't work I'm interested in the experiment! Shall report back!! By the way I love your site -- the blueberry muffins were too good! I exercised restraint and ate only two and froze the rest...shall defrost one later:) Can you please please put up more savoury items? Thank you!

  6. OMG, (I used Whey protein as you suggested) I am eating a slice right now!!! Ewelina you are a genius, this is amazing bread!! Thank you. I dont even want to eat white or any other bread now. I can't believe how good it tastes! You must copyright this recipe!! I had tried the "oopsie rolls" which are all over the internet--yuk, vile. ps I sent a mail earlier but it seems to have got lost--saying that I discovered that whey protein is infact the pure protein extracted from what is 'natural' whey, i.e. what you get from making paneer--Natural whey has two constituents--protein and casein. Anyway, your recipe is the bomb. Oh dear now I'd better not eat too much.....

    1. Thank you Atima. I'm glad you like the bread and the 'natural' whey works well in this recipe. Can you tell me how you extract it please? (Ive never made paneer cheese)

  7. Hi Ewelina, Sorry i didnt explain myself in all the excitement:)) I DIDNT use natural whey in the end because natural whey is protein+cassein and whey protein powder (which i did use in the end) is the protein extracted. I also wanted to see the bread as it's meant to be, and I really can't praise you highly enough as its superb.

    If you want to know how to make natural whey, let me tell you...coz you might do wonderful things with it:)) Basically get your pint of milk (you are supposed to use full fat but I've done it with semi skimmed, you just get less paneer). So you bring to just under the boil, then add few drops of vinegar (Sarsons!) or lemon juice. You will see the milk part into curds and whey immediately. Then you get your muslin and put it over a colander and whole thing on top of a fresh saucepan. Por, so you cath the solids and the whey goes into your saucepan. Now tie up the muslin so you have a 'bundle' and hang this form your tap (Thats what my mum always did!) so the last drippy bits go in your sink. Its ready after about 3 hours and I suppose its an indian mozzarella, you can cut it. But more often it is then put under a weight to make it flat and discard even more whey form it, and then after another few hours you can cut it, fry it, make a curry with it. Indian people always tend to add the whey water into dough when you make roti, or to the water rice was cooked in. I guess some ancient Indian cooks knew the importance of that protein so they dint throw it away:) There will be step by step explanations bette than mine on internet, look for Indian recipes.

    1. Hi Atima :) Thanks for your instructions. I'm definitely making this cheese soon. Must taste delicious, fresh and homemade. I bet it would great together with this bread :) I will do some more research on whey extracted from this. Sounds really interesting and I love experimenting in the kitchen :)

  8. Hi Ewelina, I just wanted to share with you that I sliced your super bread quite thinly (amazing that you can do this without a bread slicer, the bread is firm enough:)) -- and then froze four slices per small freezer bag. I have since taken slices out and put in toaster form frozen= Perfect. And,I have buttered frozen slices in the morning, added ham and cheese, and wrapped in foil = Perfect Sandwiches for lunch:)). So no only is your bread great taste, it also freezes beautifully. Well done!

  9. Thanks Atima. That's the reason why I like this bread. You can slice it nicely and have a proper sandwich. I have never tried to freeze it so great to know it works well :)

  10. I made this yesterday and it is lovely. I've sliced it thinly and frozen it so I can have a slice every day. Very nice indeed toasted with butter. Thank you.

  11. Well only just been diagnosed with type 2 and I am glad I found your blog, I have just this minute finished mixing the bread and I think I have messed up somwhere because it's very liquidity not like a dough at all, I have left it to rise and I will see what happens. Please keep up the good work, and thanks for taking the time to share your findings

    1. Hello :) sorry for a late reply. Im on holidays in Asia and didnt have internet connection. Hope the bread turned out good. The consistency is more runny than normal dough so I think it should all work