Saturday, 20 July 2013

Coconut Macaroons

I have become a bit obsessed with coconut recently. I have always loved it and I remember that as a child I used to steal it from the kitchen cupboard. I was born in Poland and back then sweets were rather luxury goods. We had them only on special occasions so maybe that’s why I found coconut quite nice as a replacement treat J
These lovely little cookies are classic coconut macaroons.  They are very easy to make and you don’t need long list of ingredients. You can replace coconut oil with butter but I'm not sure about replacing xylitol in this recipe. I use Xylitol for baking because it’s very similar to sugar when it comes to taste and texture. I know, from my experience, that sweeteners don't always work in some recipes.If you have ever tried to make coconut macaroons with sweetener please let me know how it worked. I would really appreciate if you shared your experience with me J

Ingredients (makes 24 macaroons):
·         250g desiccated coconut
·         140 g xylitol
·         100 g coconut oil
·         2 egg whites
·         4 tbsp. milk

·         Preheat oven to 170C and line baking tray with baking paper.
·         In a large saucepan melt cocnut oil. Add xylitol and milk and stir until xylitol dissolved.
·         Add coconut and cook it for couple minutes but be careful not to burn it. Let it cool down a bit.
·         Whisk the egg whites to form soft peaks. Add coconut mixture and mix gently.
·         Shape mixture into little balls. Use about 1 tablespoon of mixture for one ball. You can do it using ice cream scoop or just by hands. I used the biggest measuring spoon and it worked fine as well. Spaced them about 3 cm apart on a baking tray. Bake for about 15 minutes until golden brown. Let it cool down before serving (on hot days I recommend to put them in a fridge).

Enjoy J

Carbohydrates and Calories:
Whole mixture
1 macaroon
50 g
2 g

Source: Adapted from Kafeteria

Friday, 12 July 2013

Chocolate Ice Cream

Absolute hit of this summer. Delicious ice-cream that you can easily make at home even if you don’t have ice cream maker. I have always thought that making ice cream is very complicated and needs lots of skills. It was my debut and it all worked perfectly fine. Just follow the recipe and you will have perfect dessert for hot, summer days (I hope there are many more to come here in London). Now I'm sure there is no need for me to buy ice-cream if I can make even better by myself (not to mention carbohydrates content).

Ingredients (for about 700 ml of ice-cream):
·         300 ml double cream
·         300 ml full fat milk
·         4 egg yolks
·         80g Xylitol
·         100 g dark chocolate (I used Menier with 30g carbs per 100g)
·         1 tbsp. vanilla extract
·         In a medium saucepan mix cream, milk and xylitol together. Heat up and stir until sugar is dissolved (do not boil). Remove from the heat.
·         In a medium bowl whisk the egg yolks until light and pale in colour.
·         Pour the eggs yolks into milk mixture and heat up stirring continuously until the mixture start thickening (do not bring to boil). Remove from heat and add broken chocolate and vanilla extract. Stir it well until chocolate melts. If the chocolate doesn’t combine well with milk blend it for couple of minutes. Let the mixture to cool down for couple of hours.
·         If you have ice cream maker just follow the instruction. If you don’t have it (like me) pour the mixture into plastic container that will fit into your freezer. Put it into freezer and mix (using electric mixture) every 30 minutes until ice-cream starts setting (you will probably need to do that about 4 or 5 times).
Enjoy :)

Calories and Carbohydrates:
Whole mixture (700 ml)
1 scoop (50ml)
 Source: Adapted from Mojewypieki

Friday, 5 July 2013

Coconut Yogurt Cake

As a big fun of coconut I’m always happy to experiment with this ingredient. Its low carb and perfect for diabetic baking and cooking. This cake is simply delicious. Just imagine soft, cloud like coconut mousse on chocolate base topped with blueberries and jelly. It’s a perfect cake for summer and I can guarantee that you will like it.  

150g ground almond
30g cocoa powder
2 tbsp. powdered xylitol
1 egg
2 tbsp. coconut oil
Coconut mousse:
250 ml coconut cream
500 g greek style yogurt
8 tbsp. powdered xylitol
1 tsp. coconut essence
4 tsp. gelatine dissolved in 1/6 glass hot water
Jelly topping:
1 sachet sugar free jelly (you will need about 300ml)
200g blueberries
Coconut for decoration
Preheat oven to 180C. Place all the ingredients for the base in a large bowl and mix well together. Form a bowl from dough and press evenly into 20cm square baking tin (lined with baking paper). Bake for about 10 minutes and set aside to cool down.

Coconut mousse:
Dissolve gelatine in hot water and stir well (there shouldn’t be any lumps). Set aside to cool down slightly.
In mixing bowl place the chilled coconut cream. Beat (using electric mixer) until stiff (note: whipped coconut cream is not as stiff as whipped heavy cream).
Add yogurt, spoon after spoon, whisking constantly. Beat at high speed for a few minutes. At the end add the powdered xylitol and coconut essence and beat for further few minutes.
Add 2 tbsp. yogurt mixture to dissolved gelatin and mix well. Pour it to the yogurt mixture beating constantly. 
Pour the whole mixture on cooled down base and refrigerate for at least 6 hours or until well set. 

Jelly topping:
Prepare jelly and cool it down completely. Arrange blueberries on the set cake and slowly pour the jelly over blueberries. Refrigerate until jelly well set.
Enjoy :)  

Carbohydrates and Calories: 
Whole cake
1 piece (1/16 of the cake)
 Source: Adapted from Elanaspantry and Mojewypieki